The Pines Resort: Becoming Yosemite’s Mainstay Vacation Destination

Creating opportunities to increase revenue for seasonal businesses.  Our hot seat this week: Mark Choe is the President and Co-Owner of The Pines Resort, known as the only lakefront resort in the Yosemite area. With over 110 cabins & suites, a market, 2 restaurants and 185 employees, the resort is bustling during the summer months, […]

BrEpic: Connecting Visionaries to Serve Humanity

“We’re not worried about our growth rate, we’re worried about the quality of our growth.” Our hot seat this week: Justin Breen and Mark Fujiwara are on a mission to connect visionaries via a mastermind to serve humanity. This mastermind is called BrEpic and they charge people $10,000 a year to be a part of […]

Northeast Private Client Group: Managing Wealth in the Billions

“We don’t manage money in the millions, we manage money in the billions. People come to us to create generational wealth.” Our hot seat this week: This company helps over 4000 entrepreneurs manage their wealth, and not just manage it, but turn it into generational wealth. Mark B. Murphy’s company, Northeast Private Client Group, stands […]

BIOptimizers/Nootopia: $30MM to $100MM in 2 Years

This supplement company sells their products at a 400% higher price than their competitors, how? Our hot seat this week: How does a supplement company sell their products at a 400% higher price than their competitors, and still do $30MM/year? BIOptimizers & Nootopia’s CEO, Matt Gallant has the answer to that question, but he doesn’t […]

BooXkeeping: Franchising an Unsaturated Market

How to bring a new business model to a trusted industry and become a leader in that space. Our hot seat this week: Is it possible to apply the franchise model to any industry? Max Emma is testing this idea by expanding his bookkeeping company, BooXkeeping Corp., into a franchise. However, persuading investors to join […]

The Litvak Team: Creating a Referral Generating Machine for Real Estate

How to hone your marketing, create a referral-generating machine, and become the thought leader in your space. Our hot seat this week: Selling over $1 Billion in real estate and handing over 11,000 keys to new homeowners is no easy feat, but imagine the possibilities if this company’s marketing strategy had not been what the […]

People First Logistics: Breaking Through the Growth Ceiling

Could a simple pivot help this stagnating company break through its growth ceiling? Our hot seat this week: Sidney Tarver is the founder of People First Logistics, a trucking company that specializes in delivering Amazon packages. Whilst the company has been a success, Sidney finds he has reached the ceiling for potential growth and needs […]

OCULA: Helping a High-End Optometrist Transform an Antiquated Industry

Danielle is bringing a new look to the optometry industry, but needs help optimizing her business to open up new stores and eventually be acquired — Nick and Jay are here to help. Our hot seat this week: Danielle Winstone is the Founder of OCULA, a New Zealand based optometrist chain that provides a bespoke […]

Post Purchase PRO: How to Get Acquired for a 12x Multiple

Shawn is trying to make his company attractive to prospective buyers — Nick and Jay are here to help. Our hot seat this week: Shawn Hart is the Co-Founder of Post Purchase PRO, a company that optimizes the customer base of Amazon sellers through follow-up sequences. Shawn’s had success in selling his companies in the […]

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