The Pines Resort: Becoming Yosemite’s Mainstay Vacation Destination

Creating opportunities to increase revenue for seasonal businesses. 

Our hot seat this week:

Mark Choe is the President and Co-Owner of The Pines Resort, known as the only lakefront resort in the Yosemite area. With over 110 cabins & suites, a market, 2 restaurants and 185 employees, the resort is bustling during the summer months, but the off-season is a problem for Mark. That’s where Jay and Nick come in to help. They help Mark with everything from creating a marketing plan to attract companies, conferences and return visitors during the winter, to using influencer marketing and a membership package to encourage long-term growth.

In this episode, we help Mark:

  1. Implement techniques to attract return visitors, conferences & company retreats.
  2. Manage his workforce during the off-season.
  3. Make the resort attractive as a year-round destination.

Learn more about Mark and The Pines Resort:

Mark’s LinkedIn:

The Pines Resort:

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