Next Door & Window Company: Opening the Door to More Referrals

How to expand into new territories, generate more referrals and create profitable partnerships with other companies. Our hot seat this week: Justin Bartley is the President of Next Door & Window Company, based in Chicago. It’s an age-old business model, installing and fixing windows and doors, and whilst Justin and his team have found success, […]

Sasha Tripp: Turning Real Estate Success into a Coaching Business

Creating a Productized Coaching Business Our hot seat this week: Sasha Tripp is the owner of Story House Real Estate, a thriving company in Charlottesville. Despite its success, Sasha worries about the future for real estate agents. To address this, she aims to build a coaching business to share her knowledge on becoming successful in […]

Ventura Air Services: Helping a Private Jet Company Turn on the Afterburners

Expanding a business that enables private jet owners to lease their aircraft. Our hot seat this week: Nik Tarascio is the CEO of Ventura Air Services, a private jet charter company that brings a new model to the industry. His business model enables jet owners to lease their aircraft, earning income for each flying hour, […]

The Pines Resort: Becoming Yosemite’s Mainstay Vacation Destination

Creating opportunities to increase revenue for seasonal businesses.  Our hot seat this week: Mark Choe is the President and Co-Owner of The Pines Resort, known as the only lakefront resort in the Yosemite area. With over 110 cabins & suites, a market, 2 restaurants and 185 employees, the resort is bustling during the summer months, […]

BrEpic: Connecting Visionaries to Serve Humanity

“We’re not worried about our growth rate, we’re worried about the quality of our growth.” Our hot seat this week: Justin Breen and Mark Fujiwara are on a mission to connect visionaries via a mastermind to serve humanity. This mastermind is called BrEpic and they charge people $10,000 a year to be a part of […]

Northeast Private Client Group: Managing Wealth in the Billions

“We don’t manage money in the millions, we manage money in the billions. People come to us to create generational wealth.” Our hot seat this week: This company helps over 4000 entrepreneurs manage their wealth, and not just manage it, but turn it into generational wealth. Mark B. Murphy’s company, Northeast Private Client Group, stands […]

BIOptimizers/Nootopia: $30MM to $100MM in 2 Years

This supplement company sells their products at a 400% higher price than their competitors, how? Our hot seat this week: How does a supplement company sell their products at a 400% higher price than their competitors, and still do $30MM/year? BIOptimizers & Nootopia’s CEO, Matt Gallant has the answer to that question, but he doesn’t […]

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