The Litvak Team: Creating a Referral Generating Machine for Real Estate

How to hone your marketing, create a referral-generating machine, and become the thought leader in your space.

Our hot seat this week:

Selling over $1 Billion in real estate and handing over 11,000 keys to new homeowners is no easy feat, but imagine the possibilities if this company’s marketing strategy had not been what the Founder candidly refers to as “spray and pray.” In the hot-seat is Eugene Litvak, the founder of The Litvak Team. In this episode, Jay and Nick will assist Eugene in crafting a referral-generating system and streamlining his marketing efforts. The goal? To boost lead conversion, allowing Eugene to dedicate more time to establishing The Litvak Team as New York’s leading real estate experts.

In this episode, we help Eugene:

  1. Create a referral generating machine and convert more potential customers.
  2. Set up events and marketing materials to become the thought leader of Real Estate.
  3. Automate lead generation and leverage free tools to engage their client base.

Learn more about The Litvak Team and Eugene here:

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